Digitalization is good, the humanization of work culture is better. Let's turn communication into action, driven by strategy with the right methods applied from Agile, Design Thinking, Managament 3.0 and Design Sprints. And fun.

Fuel your processes landscape creatively. Refresh your services, products and allow organizational novelty. Unravel the prurpose and core values of your team and your organization, create the clear vision and make teams your unbeatable agile task force so your business can grow and shine. We guide you as keen observers, attentive listeners and valuable sparring partners. Our point of view amalgamizes creativity with systemic thinking that leads into highly applicable design thinking coaching, innovation consulting and communication training. For individuals, teams and organizations, we question the status quo to initiate the desired change.

Systemic Consulting

A culture grown over years needs to be prepared for new work advancements. For long term guidance deep dive interviews will be facilitated with your multipliers, explorative envision workshops will define the goals and this becomes a profound guidance concept.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is more than a workshop. It's a powerful innovation framework and a mindset at once. For more creative and more human organization. Benefit from our many years of experience as Design Thinking Coaches and consultants in corporations, SMEs, NGOs and Universities.

Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking is a method that makes Design Thinking Workshop an effective format to apply to it. We offer problem solving and method workshops for beginners, beginners and professionals. Experience in one to several days workshops, what Design Thinking is and what it can do.

Design Sprints

After exploring ideas with design thinking you want your ideas validated. In just four days you turn your ideas into tangible prototpye to be validated by curated users to reveal the best next steps for your products. Give your team the amazing ooportunity to feel self-efficacy with a wel structured process.

Communication for Innovation

Transformations are accompanied by new concepts. In order for everyone to understand the same thing and change in the same direction, it needs a consistent language. We take care of that. Make clear communication the change catalyst for change in your company.

Creative Confidence

Creativity is learnable. More importantly, the necessary framework is easy to realize. In enterprises as well as in humans. But it needs an appropriate frame. Thats what we deliver. Learn helpful rules of the game, methods and tricks, in order to reach the goal faster and more relaxed.


BMW (für HAYS)

Creation Center Deutsche Telekom

Consors Bank


Deutsche Telekom AG

Daimler AG

HPI School for Design Thinking

Berlin School for Digital Business


Roland Berger

Swisscom AG

Stadtreinigung Hamburg


"It was a blessing to work with such a creative and, above all, authentic person like you."
Alexander Faga, Trainer & Consultant Human Centered Design, SWISSCOM

"Göran was a coach for several Business Design / Design Thinking projects last year, and for me the stakes are always high and full of empathy for the participants, and I would be able to use Göran again at any time very recommended.
Dr. Jochen Ditsche, Partner, Roland Berger

"Mr. Hielscher has supported me in three team development workshops, a design thinking workshop and a strategy workshop, he was a very valuable support in all events and convinced me with his dedicated, constructive and creative way of working as well as his very high methodological competence to adapt to the different target groups (eg business and IT staff in the team workshop, top management in the strategy workshop) and to always communicate clearly. "
Björn Andersen, Head of Division Product Management, Consors Bank

How does the Design Thinking method work?

Design Thinking Method is a framework, toolbox and if well applied likely to become a mindset. It combines methods of user research, language analytics, team building, storytelling, prototyping, synthesis, business modeling, presentation, ethnological field research, brainstorming andcreative techniques to name a few. We add to Design Thinking a human perspective, a playful approach, visualization, systemic thinking, and mindfulness to foster the innovators mind. We use it for:

Better communication

Good communication is the one that really takes place. Everything else is illusion. Whoever practices Design Thinking discovers that different minds can speak a language and that the truth is often a puzzle.

Successful user centering

With Design Thinking we develop with the human being in the center. The same applies to the employees. After all, customer centricity works best when the employees have experienced it themselves.

Gentle cultural change

Design thinking is more than product development. It often reveals communicative, organizational and leadership-relevant potential. That's why we like to use it for strategic organizational development.

Deep idea development

One hundred ideas in five minutes? No problem. An exceptionally good idea - that's really hard work. The development process turns into spiritual gold mining with entertainment factor.

Method literacy

Design Thinking shines due to its valuable methods. The customized mix of research, customer understanding, brainstorming, prototyping and testing leads to surprising results and learnings.

Diversity & responsibility

Design Thinking eliminates learned blinders and brain barriers. We leave the comfort zone. The tie comes into the dressing room, the sleeves are rolled up and working groups grow into a real team.

Having found a common language, we help our clients to identify the right problem properly. Then the strategies and tools are determined and tried out in the best design thinking style. Mistakes are learning opportunities for us, not mishaps. We also carry this spirit into your company so that it becomes a spirit there. If our partners want more customer focus, the very first question is, "What do you do for employee centering?". In our experience, this must be in place to develop truly successful products and services for the customer. Employees can thus draw on experience in their own environment. We believe they will be fit for the future if they invest intently in your team's talents, health and mental performance. Only in this way do you turn your employees into healthy and intrinsically motivated high performers..

Strategy & corporate values

For a medium-sized Swiss customer service company, we have developed a strategy with Design Thinking, to set corporate values with the employees.

Business Model Development

An energy infrastructure service provider was looking for new business models. We have developed three new business models together with 15 participants in three days.

Leadership & digitization

In order to prepare the executive level of a large import-export company for digitization, international executives were intensively coached with a focus on digitization.

City cleaning of the future

With the executives of the city cleaning a large German city on a river, we have explored what city cleaning in the future may look like.

Pregnancy App

A healthcare provider gave us the task of teaming up an existing analogue folder on pregnancy in a digital version, ie an app to convict.

Health Insurance App

In two very intensive days, we laid the foundations for customer-centered product development and demonstrated how Design Thinking determines the requirements for an app.

Corporate Network 2.0

In an effort to get an aging corporate network back on track, a one-week project by design students has done everything possible to meet this challenge..

Examine mobile use cases

For a comprehensive book project of a major telecommunications service provider, mobile use cases were investigated and compared worldwide. Authorship fell on us.

Reading enthusiasm for kids

For Frank Elstner and Frank Schirrmacher, we have tackled the exciting question of how to inspire children of less educated milieus to read again.

Strategy of offerings

To meet the needs of the visitors to the possibilities of the makers, Design Thinking has redesigned the festival program of a music festival.

Executive Education

For a large telecoms company, an educational kit has been developed to implement more user centricity into the company's internal development processes.

SMEs gain creativity

In order to sensitize the middle class for stronger cooperation with the creative industry, several companies were coached and mediated according to a potential analysis.

Efficient production lines

How does it work better on the conveyor belt? A design thinking workshop was held with a large German car manufacturer to find how production can become sustainable.

Prototype Of Persia

In Iran we gave students from Tehran Technical University an insight into design thinking and user-centered product development.

How To Do A Workshop

We are developing a workshop in a nutshell on how to make a great workshop. It got presented at NOMADCRUISE.COM. Conclusion: The Preparation is absolutely everything.

Innovation for cooperatives

For a large cooperative association we have researched with 40 people how cooperatives will become sustainable. New strategies, business models and partnerships emerged.

Improvement process

For an energy company, we have developed new ways in a Design Thinking Workshop to get the communication going for impending improvements.

Presentation Training

For a large e-commerce provider, we held a multi-day presentation and rhetoric training session to train personal and business-relevant presentation skills.

Innovation match

In order to enable the best possible match between 50 creative minds from business, academics and university, we designed and accompanied an intensive workshop.

Agile Transformation

For a financial institution we have been providing workshops, value setting strategic thinking to teams and leadership to make the organization more agile.

Design Thinking takes off

Design Thinking Exploration Days for 100 participants of a well-known aircraft manufacturer, we have developed vivid ideas and made them into first prototypes.

Göran Hielscher

I'm a passionate coach. People come first. Whatever method I choose, I basically renew communication patterns to make change possible. That means also to speak out the unbespoken. I balance myself with movement, as a DJ, travelling and reading, healthy food and I gradually become a self development junkie. Todays possibilities close to are limitless. Let's make an advantage of this. As a human being, facilitator, moderator and coach I'll be there for you.

You, the decision maker

Let yourself in. We know that your way of managing determines the way your employees work. As a forerunner, you become a role model and create exactly the confidence to maneuver your ship through any pending change. Design Thinking brings change for all leadership styles. Show that you are aware of it. Ask us. At any time.

Steffen Bahnsen

With Design Thinking Strategy, Coaching and Systemic Organizational Consulting, I ask myself and your team complex questions and find answers to unfamiliar ways! Benefit from my experience as a businessman, cultural scientist and future yoga teacher. The complexity of the world and the connection of all parts becomes more and more visible.