We facilitate transformation through vital learning & development spaces in thriving organizations.

We design offline and online learning & development environments based on system and resource-oriented guidelines. Our goal is to help you achieve valuable results and foster healthier relationships at work in order to be competitive. The Inspiracy Group comprises ambitious, intelligent leaders who envision a better future for humanity and the modern working ecosystem. We utilize Facilitation, Design Thinking, Systemic Thinking, Storytellling and certainly various other methodologies. To always aligned, to almost all our work a narative analysis is the starting point. Ask us.


How to lead like a chief? We comprehend that we need new leadership models to face the questions of the time. From ego to empathy, from order to inspiration, from pure KPI focus to human development. Ask about our tailor-made leadership programme to help your leaders be their best. In the best sense of "To lead is to serve."


Collaboration is the glue of success and ever was. We achieve significant changes when great people, hand in hand, pursue more fabulous ideas. We design, plan, facilitate and evaluate such elevating experiences from 5-1.000 people for kick-offs, announcements, learning journeys and corporate events that aim to make a difference.


We combine Systems Thinking and Design Thinking. The latter is more than workshops and tools. It's a robust framework that must be strategically embedded in an organisation's mission to be impactful. Such an ecosystem allows your organisation to adapt to a more creative, more human and more customer-centred future.

Driven by a heartful attitude, thoughtful strategies and experience-based method selection, we turn communication into action.

We are a practical consultancy. Slides never were our aim. We are here to guide you as keen observers, attentive listeners and valuable sparring partners. Our point of view amalgamizes design thinking practicability, linguistic sensitivity with systemic thinking that leads to highly applicable consulting, coaching, training and communication practice, the key for every process to follow.

Once we found a common language, we support our clients to identify their challenges accurately. Then we determine strategies and tools. We steer a multilevel approach to our concept design and our interventions:

Empathy, language sensitivity, narrative structures, systemic thinking, design thinking, improv, storytelling, gamification and agile methods merge into holistic and sensitive change strategies. Future fitness emerges when you invest in your team's talents, health and mental performance and keep their environment under surveillance. Take advantage of every chance to convert your employees into intrinsically motivated high performers that love what they do and grow loyalty and balance with outer and inner resources.

How does Design Thinking work?

Design Thinking is a framework, toolbox, and, if well applied, likely to become a mindset. It combines user research, language analytics, team building, storytelling, prototyping, mindfulness, sustainability synthesis, gamification, business modelling, presentation, ethnological field research, brainstorming and creative techniques, and systemic thinking, to name a few. Its six steps are:


Often, people start projects without precisely aligning their terminologies, perspectives and experiences. In the first step of Design Thinking, we onboard team members in the bigger picture, a 360-degree look into the ecosystem to grasp the problem or challenge to a maximum. Diverse minds will find a mutual language.


Via interviews, observation or emersion – stepping in our customers' shoes – we take a deep dive into their worlds. After this, leaving all preconceived notions, beliefs and opinions behind is the moment. Here we enter unknown worlds with children's eyes and ask, "Why? Why? Why?" to generate insights that will surprise both us and our clients.


Surely, it will be hard or unsatisfactory to look for a Swiss knife solution that suits everyone. That is why in Point Of View, we will decide on the most promising client cluster to be served by our findings. Sharply defined target groups contribute to the best-fit outcome.


One excellent idea - that's arduous work. We blend methods of pure idea development with the power of a group standing in a fierce brainstorming. One hundred ideas in five minutes? No problem. According to Leonardo DaVinci, we know: Good ideas come from many ideas.


This step, we call "thinking with your hands". In a way, it's an extension of the brainstorming process, just that you seek to shape your ideas as tangible, experienceable objects that can be explored by the customer or the first review board of decision-makers. Emotional bonding with your prototype will teach you often to let go.


According to your expectations toward proper feedback for your next iteration loop, you must design a valuable test setting. The testing is critical for iterations, the re-loop for necessary steps to be repeated. In Design Thinking it helps to turn a rough diamond into a diamond and will please your clients and your team as well.


Deutsche Lufthansa AG

BMW (für HAYS)

Creation Center Deutsche Telekom


Consors Bank

DEVK Insurances

Deutsche Telekom AG

Daimler AG



HPI School for Design Thinking

Berlin School for Digital Business

Nairobi Design Week

NBST Africa

Pangea Festival


Roland Berger



Strathmore University Nairobi

Swisscom AG

Stadtreinigung Hamburg


Client for us means accomplice. A partner in crime, for a higher aim, we mutually share.

"It was a blessing to work with such a creative and, above all, authentic person like you."
Alexander Faga, Trainer & Consultant Human Centered Design, SWISSCOM

"Göran was a coach for several Business Design / Design Thinking projects last year, and for me, the stakes are always high and full of empathy for the participants. I would be able to use Göran again at any time very recommended.
Dr. Jochen Ditsche, Partner, Roland Berger

"Mr Hielscher has supported me in three team-development workshops, a design thinking workshop and a strategy workshop. He was precious support in all events. He convinced me with his reliable, constructive and creative way of working. His high methodological competence helped him to adapt to the different target groups (e.g. business and IT staff in the team workshop and top management in the strategy workshop). He constantly communicated very clearly."
Björn Andersen, Head of Division Product Management, Consors Bank

Leadership & Digitization

We coached executives of an international trade company. For achieving better digitization, we used Design Thinking to elevate their processes for 21st century needs.

Agile Transformation

For a financial institution, we designed and facilitated workshops. We also defined new values, and set strategic thinking outlines for the team to make the organization more agile.

Strategy & corporate values

Design Thinking helped set a strategy and new corporate values for all employees for a medium-sized Swiss customer service company.

City cleaning of the future

With the city's executives cleaning a sizeable German town on a river, we have explored what city cleaning may look like in the future.

Pregnancy App

A healthcare provider gave us the task of teaming up an existing analogue folder on pregnancy in a digital version, i.e. an app to convict.

Efficient production lines

How does it work better on the conveyor belt? A design thinking workshop was held with a large German car manufacturer to find out how production can become sustainable.

Prototype Of Persia

In Iran, we gave students from Tehran Technical University an insight into design thinking and user-centred product development.

Improvement process

For a german energy company, we developed in a Design Thinking Workshop refined processes to enforce clearer communication among the companies units to ameliorate internal workflows.

Design Thinking takes off

Design Thinking Exploration Days for 100 participants of a well-known aircraft manufacturer, we have developed bright ideas and made them into prototypes.

Göran Hielscher

I'm a passionate coach, consultant and topic wizard. People come first. Strong analysis skills, fast thinking, quick-witted and passionately creative. I love to ignite communication where it was puzzled. I balance myself with movement, as a DJ, travelling and reading. As a human being, facilitator, moderator and coach, I'll be there for you.

You, the decision-maker

Let yourself enter. We know that your way of managing determines the way your employees work. As a forerunner, you become a role model and create precisely the confidence to manoeuvre your ship through any pending change. Design Thinking brings change to all leadership styles. Show that you are aware of it. Ask us at any time.

Our Team

The Inspiracy Group works with a great team of freelance facilitators, teachers, organisational developers, visual recorders and psychologists and people of other disciplines. All of them have multiple workshops, consultancy and coaching experiences e refer to according to our client's needs.